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carlos from panama, said 1835 days ago

An insult

Nina, if you like Fidel so much why don't you leave your spoilt existence in the free world and move to Cuba to live like the cubans do, with their hands tied down, their mouths silenced and their hopes extinguished. Don't take your computer with you as you may not be given permission to use it there, and there may be things you may not be allowed to read anyway. If you tire of it you can always try to leave floating on something and maybe the sharks will not eat you. Your words are an expression of your ignorance, you probably think Cuba is "so pretty and musical", they are insult to the everyday suffering of millions of cubans, the ones that had to leave and the ones prisoners on the island. Abajo con el tirano cubano! Cuba sera libre!
Rosana Favre from Sion Valais Suiza, said 1835 days ago

nosotros los cubanos

hola me llamo rosana y soy cubana hace 11 anos que vvo en suiza y este documental es muy importante para nosotros la comunidad cubana en este pais pero queria tambien recordar que a pesar que los estados unidos es el lugar donde los cubanos imigran mas facilmente por las cercanias de sus costas con cuba ,tambien en europa hay muchos cubanos en especial en suiza con historias y destinos marcados por la imigracion de las cuales tambien quisieramos ser protaginistas
Nina de Toulouse, a dit il y a 1836 jours

Cuba toujours solidaire

’est aux cris de «Vive Cuba!» et «Vive Fidel» qu’a été accueillie, dans la matinée d’hier, la cinquantaine de jeunes diplômés de l’Ecole latino-américaine de médecine à leur arrivée en Haïti. Il s’agissait du premier groupe de plus de 200 médecins regroupés déjà à La Havane, et qui se joindront progressivement à la brigade cubaine qui travaille actuellement dans ce pays.

carlos de panama, a dit il y a 1835 jours
Wow, why dont you go to Haiti yourself? they will probably shout your name too. You could also sell your computer, or give it to someone you se in the street. What an ignorant thing to say..
valeria from mexico, said 1835 days ago
why so aggressive carlos? nadie niega la situacion de cuba....y tampoco la de otros paises alrededor del mundo, que viven en situaciones similares, tal vez peores. nina was just saying that many cubans are going to haiti to help, just that, and that the poeople over there was so happy to receive their help, that shouted "viva cuba" y "viva fidel"...which part of that are you finding so offensive?
pepe from NY,NY, said 1832 days ago
Type your message fidel dictator you destroyed Cuba those Cuban doctors in Haiti are slaves ask them if they prefer to stay home or go to Haiti they go to Haiti to escape the conditions of Cuba of course they go there to also help the Haitian people dont kid yourself Nina from Toulouse or Valeria from Mexico no Valeria te equivoas cuba no es como otro pais ahi hay una dictadura que yo recuerde hay elecciones libres en todos loa paises de America excepto cuba vamos a ver cyuando los machos que gobiernan a Cuba van a PERMITIR ELECCIONES LIBRES Abajo Fidel
Martin from Miami, said 1836 days ago

Cuba's youth: restless but not often political

Cuba's youth: restless but not often political

They just want the freedom to travel and access to the tech touchstones of their generation: iPods, Facebook, and text messages.
Tomi de Paris, a dit il y a 1836 jours

Le type d'image que je retiens de mon voyage

David de Paris, a dit il y a 1836 jours

Petite visite de Cuba

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